Krishnapriya Pramod


Krishnapriya has trained in Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam under highly respected Gurus -  Natyacharya Smt Kalakshetra Vilasini(Bharathanatyam) , Kalamandalam Gopinath, and currently undergoing training with Smt.Smitha Rajan  in Mohiniyattam, and has graduated from Nrityasri School of dance  in Cochin.  Apart from Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam, she has also trained in Folk dance, Ottanthullal, and other regional folk dance forms. Krishnapriya has performed extensively  and organized  many events both in India and the  US , and  has won accolades and awards for her performances. 


Dance has been  part of her life from the age 3 and still continuing her journey of learning  dance from her Gurus . After completing her  Graduation in Physics  she went to follow her passion in Education and Dance by completing her Bachelors in Education from University of Mysore  and Diploma in Bharatanatyam  from Tamil University.  Its the combined desire in both Teaching  and Dance  that made her  eventually the founder of  Chilanka School of Dance with the blessings of her Gurus. 





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